Are you overwhelmed by all of the diet information out there? Do you feel like being healthy is too hard to figure out? Do you wish you could stop stressing about food and start living your life? 

My goal is to strip out the noise of the diet industry and teach simple, straightforward and easy ways to be healthy.

I will work with you to develop healthy habits - everything from the food you eat, how you move your body, and how you think about yourself (and life.) I provide a holistic approach, combined with some tough love and accountability, to propel you into the person you know you are - a happy, healthy, and confident woman. 

Recipe Development, Sponsored Posts, Corporate Wellness Events, Cooking Demos, or Brand Ambassadorship. Contact Amanda for more details on how she can help you be well. 

I absolutely loved my time at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. If you want to become a health coach like me, use my link for a discount!