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Why a short workout is better than no workout


You have a really busy day ahead and you know a hour long workout just isn't in the cards. Do you skip it, or do something quick?  

I used to fall into the first category, and would skip workouts the instant I knew I had less than an hour. The problem with this is it becomes a trend. Anytime you're busy you start to slip up, or just throw in the towel.   

You really don't need a full hour to get in a great workout. Studies have shown that even 15 minutes of resistance training was just as effective at boosting metabolism as 35 minutes. On top of that, 15 minutes can drastically improv you're mood!

The next time you are thinking of skipping a workout, commit to 15 minutes. My favorite quick exercises are circuits. They get you're heart pumping, can definitely make you sweat, and work so many muscle groups in such a short time.  

I make up workouts based on the following: 

1. Choose 2 resistance exercises based on a muscle group you want to work (arms, abs, legs, back, etc)  

2. Choose two cardio exercises (running man, mountain climbers, high knees, sprints, jumping jacks, jump rope, etc.  

3. Watch the clock, or set a timer. Do 30 seconds of the first resistance exercise, 30 seconds cardio, 30 seconds other resistance exercise, 30 seconds cardio. Rest for 30 secs and repeat. Do as many times as you want. I promise you will sweat.  

Some of my favorites: 


1. Push-ups

2. Mountain climbers

3. Bicep curls  

4. High knees  



1. Side plank dips

2. Running man

3. scissors 

4. Plank jacks



1. Weighted squats

2. Jump lunges  

3. Alternating weighted side lunges 

4. Knee thrusts  < click for video


The possibilities are endless!  

You don't need a gym, fancy equipment, or the newest gear. 15 minutes in your living room and a little pump up music should do the trick!  


Let me know what some of your favorite combos are in the comments.