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2017 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Twenty of my favorite things that are sure to please the health addict on your list. 

I've tried to include things that go beyond the holiday season - less "things" and more experiences or gifts that will impact someone's life beyond December.

Know that gifting doesn't have to be expensive - often times the most thoughtful gifts can cost nothing at all. Make an "I Love You Jar" for your sweetie filled with little heart papers on reasons why you love them. That will surely brighten their day far beyond the Christmas season.

Everyone in our family decided to cut it back this year. Fewer gifts, more quality time. Less money, more fun. My mother-in-law had a beautiful idea: Pick one gift for yourself, one gift as a couple (but more of an experience, trip, activity to do together), and then one family trip together. No sweat about money, just enjoy the holiday's and everyone's company. I love that. <3

Without further adieu, here are my top healthy picks:

1.      Jade Roller – Tighten and de-puff your face with this magic wand. This roller improves circulation, improved skin elasticity, and gets all the blood flowing in the face to make you glow girl, glow.

1 - jade roller.jpg

2.      Essential Oil Diffuser – Breathe in those essential oils, exhale relief…. Ahhhhhhh

aukey essential oil diffuser.jpg
doterra oils.jpg

3.      Spiralizer – Trust me – get a sturdy one. Zoodles for days.

spirilizer vegetable peeler.jpg

4.      Matcha - Use code “simplyrealhealth” from my girl Sarah Adler. This stuff is more expensive than others you can find in stores, but trust me, you get what you pay for.

matchaful matcha.jpg

5.      Whisk –  If you’re looking for the perfect gift combo, matcha with a whisk (and maybe a cute mug too) is heaven on earth for your health-conscious friend.

bamboo whisk matcha set.jpg
night sky mug anthropologie.jpg

6.      Protein? - Maybe not the sexiest gift, bt I guarantee your health-concious friend will love it (Caution – you may get jealous of her glowy skin so you might want to buy two and keep one for yourself 😉)


7.      Headspace subscription – This one is on my list this year. If you have never tried meditation and want to get into it, this is my favorite way to recommend getting into it. Guided meditation is such a great entry point for those who are new to meditation. No sitting in silence trying to figure out if you’re doing it right – simply pick a track, put on some headphones, relax and follow the guide. It is seriously life changing.

headspace app.jpg

8.      Cookbooks – Some of my favorites I’m crushing on this year:

a.      Simply Real Health Cookbook – a no-fuss guide to eating simple, clean food

Cookbook-Cover-simply real health.jpg

b.      Nutrition stripped Cookbook – Whole food cookbook – vegan (but you’d never know it)

NutritionStripped_front cover cookbook.jpg

c.      Body Love – Great for those who have struggled with food drama in the past

body love cookbook.jpg

d.      Slow Beauty – Self-care and slowing down in a busy world (a must for our generation)

slow beauty book cover.jpg

9.      A beautiful Art Print from my super talented girlfriend Natasha - She doesn’t boast, but she’s a pretty incredible artist. On top of that, she’s eco-conscious – all of her packaging materials are recycled, she gives back (donates a certain portion of her sales at different points during the year), and is just an awesome human. Go check her stuff out – it’s breathtaking.

natasha holland instagram photo.JPG
new balance throw backs.JPG

10.   Shoes – Can’t go wrong with shoed. Throwback New Balance? Yes, please. Slick new Adidas? Yep. Gym to street-style?


11.   Classic Sweatshirt –guaranteed to never go out of style

adidas originals sweatshirt.jpg

12.   Foam Roller - I personally love this one because of the varying sizes on the roller. Great for all areas of the body, and perfect to do while watching your favorite show.

blaze foam roller.jpg

13.   Honest Co. Moisturizer - My fave pick of the season. #Glowgirl

honest beauty moisturizer.jpg

14.   Mortar and pestle – It has to be cute if its sitting on your counter, right?

15.   Solve for Happy – Written by a former Google Exec, Mo Gawdt breaks down the science of happiness from an engineering perspective. His fresh take on the subject is a must read, and is truly inspiring after you hear his full story.

16.   Dry Brush - I’ve started this ritual this year and have noticed such a difference in my skin. Its relaxing and perfect to add to your bedtime ritual.

17.   Sakara Life Tea Collection or if you’re feeling a splurge – The Sakara 5-day organic meal delivery service. I love this company, love their mission, and love, love, love their products.


18.   Thrive Market Membership – Seriously, their prices are unbeatable. Sorry, but #byewholefoods. For the same price as a Costco Membership you can get discounts all year round on organic, pure ingredients that cost way more in stores.

thrive market membership.jpg

19.   Spice Set – Great for the new grad or bachelor on your list. This spice set is the perfect starter kit or refresh for someone’s kitchen.

keys-to-the-cupboard- spices.jpg

20.   Honey in the cutest packaging - But also because we need to support the bees! We need bees in this world people! They are seriously endangered, so help the bee farmers out! You can eat the whole honeycomb so don’t be afraid to dig in!

savanah bee company honeycomb.jpg