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The one mindset shift that will improve your health instantly

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One of the biggest mind shifts I made during my time at Integrative Nutrition was the concept of “crowding out.” This concept is literally the polar opposite of everything you have ever heard of in the dieting world.


“Crowding out” means adding more nutrient dense food into your diet so that there is less room for nutrient devoid things. Instead of focusing on how you can’t have the cookies, cake and chocolate, you focus on adding in more fruits, vegetables and whole foods. By doing this, you literally “crowd-out” any room in your diet for the bad things, because you are so satisfied with the good food you are eating.


Now I know you may be skeptical of this at first. I definitely was. If you would have told me that I could be satisfied and happy with eating a salad for lunch and dinner every day for over 2 months, I would have laughed so hard I cried. BUT, over the course of my training at IIN that’s exactly what I did.

No kidding, I ate 2 big salads, EVERYDAY, for over 2 months.  


Now before you go running off, let me explain. I was motivated to do this after hearing Dr. Joel Furhman lecture on the Nutritarian way of eating.


We live in a country that is overfed and under nourished.


Think about that. Obesity is on the rise, and this is exactly the reason why. The typical American diet contains less than 5% of calories from fruits and vegetables. FIVE PERCENT! When you are under nourished and aren’t getting the right, or nearly any, nutrients your body cries out for help. You start getting false hunger signals, your metabolism can’t function properly, and your health plummets. We need to change this.


The Nutritarian way of eating focuses on getting 50-60% of your daily calories from fruits and vegetables alone. This can be daunting if you are used to only eating a side of green beans for dinner, but I can help guide you to making this switch. I did, and I truly have never felt better.


I will save my whole Nutritarian way of eating for another post, but the thing to remember is to crowd out the bad stuff with good stuff. I promise you that you are not currently eating enough vegetables. Add them into smoothies, make a bigger side salad before your meal, throw them into soups. Add vegetables to EVERY MEAL. I promise you will see a decrease in cravings and hunger and see an increase in energy and vitality.