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How to Regain Your Health after a Dose of Antibiotics

Antibiotics are one of the miracles of the modern world.

They stave off disease by killing harmful bacteria that used to kill or debilitate us humans years ago. Unfortunately, they don't discriminate. They take out ALL the bacteria in our system, leaving us without the good bacteria to support long term health. 

I recently had to take antibiotics for a nasty infection. I was not pleased to say the least. I have been on a mission to heal my gut for quite some time now, and the thought of killing all the good bacteria that I had worked so hard to cultivate was sad. I knew this medication was necessary, so I decided to do all I possibly could to keep that good bacteria coming back in full force. I want to share this important information with you so that you can protect and heal yourself the next time you need to take these drugs.

DURING and 1-2 weeks AFTER your antibiotics:

1. Avoid ALL Processed Sugars

This includes hidden sugars in grains/breads, any extra sweeteners in your coffee creamer or drinks, and of course any sweets (even chocolate, sorry). Bad bacteria thrives on sugar, so don't feed the beast!

2. Take a Potent Probiotic

I already had Garden of Life RAW Probiotics on hand, but I recommend a probiotic that delivers over 40 billion IU's per dose. 

3. Amp up your intake of fermented food.

Fermented foods provide good bacteria to your gut and are generally well absorbed. Add in kimchi, kombucha tea, sauerkraut, and kefir 

4. Sip on Some Bone Broth

Bone broth contains gelatin which helps soothe the digestive tract. It contains nutrients to help boost immunity, and is a warm relaxing way to rest. Speaking of rest...


Slow down. You don't need to continue your stressful workouts, or keep buzzing around like a bee. Slow down, take some me time, and let your body do its thing. It's amazing what the body can do when you give it a chance.

I hope these steps help you stay well if you find yourself in a situation where antibiotics are necessary. As a reminder, you know your body better than anyone else. Make sure you are talking with your doctor about the best steps for your own personal wellness. Don't be a fly on the wall at your appointments. Do your research and have informed conversations with your doc while you are there.


Be Well,